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"Looks great, feels great. Well fitting especially around the nose with the adjustable fit" J.Garnsworthy. consultant U.N Women. London and New York.

"The most comfortable mask ever" L. Anderson. Sport and health wear designer. Swedish Posture Stockholm.

"They mould to your face but leave a pocket of air so you never feel claustrophobic" I.Clarke. teacher QLD.


We use 100% cotton making it easy to breathe in and ideal for those of you with sensitive skin.


Made from 60% Polyester 25% Acrylic 15% Rayon it acts like a filter for greater peace of mind.


We source unique, quality fabrics from cotton, cotton blends and natural linen. 

Australian made .






Our Passion for the environment led us to design an eco friendly alternative to a disposable face mask in January 2020. We also believed if something could be made beautiful it should be so we created emask.

Mindful not to trivialise the pandemic and turn it into a fashion show it's clear wearing face masks have become a part of our every day lives during Covid 19. We take the time to choose what looks good on us so why not a face mask? If we're going to face a future wearing face masks for protection then why not make it worth it and why not make it fashion worthy.

Hand sanitiser and social distancing isn't always possible so creating a barrier between our hands and face is ideal but only if it's a well made face mask that doesn't slip and is comfortable to wear.

We make triple layered face masks for women and men that you'll never feel awkward or hesitant to wear. A face mask that's adjustable. A face mask that's cool and comfortable and easy to wash. We make reusable, durable face masks that have a big emphasis on beauty and style. We only use materials that are machine washable and you'll find we use no unnecessary packaging or wrapping. Your emask will arrive in it's own carry laundry bag so you can keep it hygienically stored when you're not using it and place it straight in the wash.

Who said surgical masks were easier?