Are you mentally exhausted watching the latest Covid19 news from around the world? Well, you wouldn't be the only one. Being mindful not to trivialise the importance of news worthy covid19 updates, it's important to remember our mental health and well being needs to be considered too. It's been a long 18 months for all of us watching how the corona virus has touched so many in a devastating way and how it's sweeping sickness has left no country unscathed.

As the coronavirus pandemic has rapidly spread across the world, it is inducing a considerable degree of fear, worry and concern in the population at large and among certain groups in particular such as health care workers, the elderly and people with immune disorders or those who already suffer from existing anxiety and depression. 

There are several mental health services here in Australia available to anyone in need and the guidance and support they provide is invaluable at a time when we feel we can't cope. It's easy to bury this uneasy feeling in "In this together" or "Times will get better" but it's the here and it's the now that people are finding it difficult to cope with. The strangely unknown future has thrown us into a bit of a spin!!

It's important to keep updated of course but taking a break occasionally from the NOW is ok. Doing what makes us happy and less stressed like exercising, meeting friends, reading or even walking the dog seems to give us some mental stress relief. After all our mind is what gets us through the most difficult of times in our lives so we need to look after it more than ever.

We have been lucky in Australia compared to many overseas countries primarily because geographically it is possible to close our international boarder to incoming international travellers, which is exactly what our Government decided to do in the early stages of the pandemic.  This doesn't take away from the fact we have been subjected to job losses and separation from family and friends due to our own internal boarders being shut due to covid clusters. The outcome of this has certainly helped curb the spread of the virus but at the same time has isolated some leaving them feeling sad and lonely.  We see the covid cluster in Sydney's eastern suburbs has begun to grow begging the question will state boarders close once again to N.S.W to gain control of the spread?  We're not out of the woods yet and no matter where we live or what we do remembering social distancing, hand hygiene and face mask wearing are the things we can control, so why wouldn't we? Wearing a face mask in public doesn't need to be awkward or uncomfortable. Pick one that fits well, looks good and wear it proudly. It just says you care. Let's all do what we can so our lives can return to a better place where Covid news reports aren't the headlines.