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After my first blog I was excited at the prospect of delivering another one. My excitement quickly became a mine field of confusion while researching facts about different kinds of face masks. There are literally so many ideas and opinions by many so I won't give any that aren't relatable to the average person wishing to protect themselves.  After all that's why we started our business at emask.

Ok so here goes. 

There a basically 3 types of face masks available for you to choose from. At the bottom of this I'll attach some links from reliable medical sources.

1. Surgical masks also known as medical masks are critical in the necessary protection for health care workers. As we all know health care workers are highly trained individuals who not only do an outstanding job but risk their lives every time they go to work. Being highly trained means they also know how to wear a surgical mask correctly and when and where to dispose of it. I doubt you'll find them discarding it anywhere that's not deemed safe or attaching it incorrectly. 

The ideal surgical mask comes in 3 layers and they are always purchased from well known medical supply chains. They usually last a few hours maximum before they need to be removed and replaced. 

So if that's the case and you're wishing to use a surgical mask you need to know how to wear it correctly, where to buy one from and how long you should be wearing it. Otherwise you are probably wasting your money and time not to mention your safety.

2. The next one we looked at were respirator masks. In comparison to surgical masks they are usually tighter fitting and filter our 95% of particles hence the name N95. These are not one size fits all. They actually have to be fit tested before use to make sure that a proper seal is formed. If the mask doesn't seal effectively to your face you won't receive the appropriate protection. You hairy kind of males will probably struggle tucking in those beards by the way.

3. Last but not least the humble cloth mask. Believe it or not there are distinct types here too. Not all cloth face masks are created equal. Whilst we applaud anyone making or wearing reusable washable face masks there are differences in protection and comfort here too.

Face masks designed from the same shape as surgical masks made from cotton will offer you some protection. They're usually made with one layer and again if they don't fit correctly the chances are you will have the need to adjust these too.  How many times recently have you seen someone being interviewed on the news with a mask on only to watch it slowly slip down their face as their vocal enthusiasm builds. I don't know about you but I actually watch and wait for it pass the tip of their nose thinking its going to fall off any minute now.  And then........out come the hands to rescue the stray runaway protector. So basically any facial protection you choose will need to fit and feel comfortable in order for it to be of any use. 

Multi layered face masks that fit correctly are really the ideal choice for us every day commuters, workers and the fashion savvy who would prefer not to look like Darth Vader on his or her way to work. I guess the worrying thing about deciding not to wear a reusable protective face covering and one that is a once only use is where will it end up?  If they are not recyclable our planet will suffer in one way or another. Whether they are burned or buried the affect will last a long time. Not long ago we decided in Australia to do away with plastic bags at the supermarket. OH the outcry of some who thought this was outrageous. Well a year or so on we are all quite fine about the whole thing. A small change in our habit has inevitably had a positive impact on the world in which we all live. A winning move.

Can we make a change in a world that is quickly becoming a face mask nightmare for the environment? it's certainly possible. 

emask face masks have 3 layers offering great protection, lined in 100% cotton for easy breathing and come in 2 sizes. We call them womens and mens sizes but hey the choice is yours depending on your shape and size. We've spent many hours trying to find a shape and fit that suits the majority of people and we made some slight adjustments in the early days so you would have the best fit. We also came up with the idea of an adjustable nose piece that's built in so you can customise your fit to suit you. No more runaway stray protector!!!

If you're looking for a cloth mask then perhaps one that is going to feel comfortable, safe and is easily washed is for you. We provide you with a handy drawstring carry/wash bag with every mask so you can take it anywhere and when you're finished pop it straight back in the bag. No need to take it out again. Just throw it straight in the wash. The less we touch it the better!!!! 

So now you are considering using or switching from a disposable mask here are some simple steps in using and wearing a multi layer face mask. 

1. Once you have attached your face mask with clean hands always avoid touching it. This is why comfort and fit are vital in the success of it's protection.

2. When removing the mask avoid touching the front and only remove from the ear straps.

3. Place back in the wash/carry bag for safe storage and wash.

4. Wash your hands immediately.

Voila! Not only are you keeping yourself safe you're not impacting on the environment by using a non reusable mask. 

Now all you need to do is get out there in one of our designs that bring out the fashionista in you. One that brings out your personality and style. After all if you're going to cover up you may as well make it worth it. Fashion has always been a way of expressing ourselves and face coverings are rapidly becoming that fashion item too. 

Face the madding crowd! At a safe distance of course. 













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