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Why has the question of wearing face masks in public become such a hot topic for debate in politics primarily in the United States of America?  This should never have become a political move for votes and shame on any politician who entered the arena for that fight. 

Time would be better spent working toward a common goal uniting and protecting all citizens from every country around the world. Supporting the recommendations of expert epidemiologists and WHO and sharing information in the endeavour to fight this global pandemic. Politicians put your word weapons down now!!!

We now have high profile celebrities from all kinds of industries having their say on the personal protection debate. One thing that is blindingly obvious and that is most are in favour of wearing face masks in public. Not because they want to make any political stand but more so as a voice of reason and to highlight a way in which we can all make a difference in preserving human life. We applaud any high profile celebrity who encourages common sense. 

Covid19 has hit our world hard and brought economies to their knees. With little idea as to how soon or if we are going to find a vaccine we need to learn to live in this uncertain time.  Covid19 has also brought much, much sadness to many lives around the world and will continue to hover and surround us until we can eradicate its invisible life threatening destruction. Invisible of course until we can see it's effects once it's found it's host.

Let's for a moment consider this. In Australia melanoma is on the rise and in 2020 alone it is expected to kill 1770 people.  The UV rays are continually getting stronger and we live with the knowledge that protecting ourselves in the sun will give us a greater chance of avoiding sunburn and melanoma. Is it because we can see that danger it becomes more real? Why does covering up from that particular life threatening disease seem like a great idea but covering up from another is questioned or even argued?

Just like the sun Covid19 has the potential to harm or worse kill. If wearing a hat or a shirt is considered a good idea when exposed to the sun then why isn't wearing a face mask a good idea when exposed to a potential deadly infection? Yes I'm perplexed too. 

We have been fortunate in most parts of Australia that we seem to have a handle on corona virus for now with the exception of Victoria. That doesn't mean things may not change for the rest of us at any given time and we all need to remain vigilant in our hygiene and habits. We will never outrun corona virus but we can try and outsmart it.  This means changing the way we do things. Not everyone wants or likes change but let's be honest sometimes we can learn to do things in a new way.

WHO now recommends wearing cloth masks in public particularly in areas where social distancing and hand washing is difficult. Multi layered face masks offer great protection in social situations and stop any hand to mouth contact. As we know many of the viral particles stay present on surfaces for long periods of time and the likely hood of us contracting the disease from that is high. If that alone is one reason to wear a cloth face mask when out in public then I for one am happy to oblige. 

Changing our personal hygiene and habits is one thing we can control so why don't we? Let's not make this a debate or a reason to take a swipe at people who are trying to do what they can to help combat the spread. Wear a mask.  Preferably a reusable one. Our planet needs consideration too.

Stay safe out there. 







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