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Welcome to my first emask blog! I'm pretty damn excited because this truly is my very first blog! 

I guess firstly, people always want to know why you do what you do.

For us it was simply the need to design an alternative to a single use product. Not just an alternative but one that was preferable.

Both Tracy and I are women in our 50's. Our adult children may argue we don't always act our age and just quietly we're ok with that.  We are friends, neighbours, mothers and wives and together we created emask.

We live on the Gold Coast Queensland Australia and consider ourselves incredibly lucky we do. Our nod to the beautiful Gold Coast is represented in our instagram, facebook and domain name "emaskgc". Proud to say we live here is an understatement. 

We love where we live but of course our desire to see the rest of the world is always in the planning. Well, the brakes are on for that at the moment but that's ok it gives us more time to dream of where we go next. Dreamers we are but we pretty much like them to become realities in the end. No point dreaming if you don't try and make it happen. right? 

Our world has certainly changed dramatically over the past 6 months. We wish it hadn't but it has.  And so, we are all going to have to adapt in small ways and some bigger if we are to truly live happy and well.  We miss the hugs and the genuine emotional greetings when we see our friends and loved ones. (the elbow rub doesn't really cut if for me) but it will have to do for now. We miss seeing our friends and family in bigger gatherings than 10 and we miss being able to just relax in social situations without being concerned. We realise social distancing is important as well as taking note of our personal hygiene. Which brings us to face masks.

After many years travelling with my family and spending quite long periods of time in Japan I've certainly noticed momentum gain for people using face masks particularly in Asian countries.  The most common being surgical masks. In my next blog I'll go in to more depth about the misconceptions about surgical masks for every day use versus their integral place for health care workers when used correctly. 

There are so many conflicting recommendations about the use of masks but common sense should honestly prevail. Heading in to situations where social distancing is impossible or the availability to wash your hands when there's simply no way you can, a mask will certainly give you protection. In many Asian countries face masks have been a way of life for many years and with good reason. They work. 

I think we all need to probably recognise now that regardless of the severity of an illness sneezing into an elbow is just not on anymore. Not cool, not on. 

Social etiquette really now dictates you stay at home or you stay protected and more importantly protect those around you. Taking a step to be courteous and making conscious choices in personal hygiene is vital now more than ever. 

The bottom line really is, ask yourself whether a quality protective face mask could be a better choice for you. If so then invest your time in searching for ones that will provide you with good protection, comfort and of course are reusable.

emask ticks all of those boxes! 

Tracy and I are lovers of all things beautiful. That's the libran star sign in us. So creating a mask that ticked all the functional boxes was important but so too was the visual appeal. No point covering your pretty face with a cloth mask that looks like a bad hanky Nanna used to use then popped up her sleeve.

Fashion has always been a platform for self expression and face masks are quickly becoming that fashion item. It's here to stay and we better get used to the idea. 

We've tried to bring you a face mask that offers good social practical protection that is also beautiful while reflecting your own individual style. One that you would gladly wear anywhere and style to suit your wardrobe. One that is easily carried, one that is easily washed and one that gives you confidence.

We are always happy to receive emails here at emask from you with any questions, concerns or feedback. That's how we learn and grow and we are never too old for that! 

Well first blog done. That was fun!! Maybe there's a blogger in me after all.          









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