Let's change the way we do things | emaskgc

"Open the Qld and NSW boarders" we hear you say!!!!!

For those of you who are not living in Australia let me just bring you up to speed. We have 7 states and  7 state boarders and 1 territory and territory boarder. (That's where Steve Irwin spent a lot of his time playing with crocs) The wild and wonderful part of Australia. Far less populated than our major capital cities that have a much higher risk of being infected with covid 19. As we all know that's why Europe is having it's next wave. Population and covid 19 aren't a great mix.

Each state in Australia has it's own leader who can be from any political party and not necessarily the same party that governs our country. So each state can virtually make most of their own rules that apply to that state. Here's where it gets tricky.

Some states are doing much better at keeping community transmission low of contracting covid 19 therefore closing boarders to other states who are not fairing so well. Containing the virus is difficult and let's be honest none of us including politicians really know what the outcomes are going to be. I know there's a lot of politics that's come in to play not only in Australia but particularly in the United States of America where it is continuously debated on all fronts. With an election looming voting has never been more important than ever. Decisions made now will affect generations to come. Those in power get to have their voices heard and make choices on our behalf. So make sure your vote counts.

Lets put politics aside just for now. Consider this. If we want change then we need to be a part of it. Yes it's important to vote but it's also important to be part of making choices for ourselves and not waiting to be told what to do.

The Victorian government made face masks compulsory when people were out in public but they are now in their 7th week in lockdown. Essentially it was too late when that rule came in. They are fighting their way back and should hold their heads high. It's been a bloody tough slog for them and we are rooting for you Victoria.  I just wonder if they had made everyone in every state wear face masks earlier when using public transport or when physical distancing was impossible would we be where we are today? I don't think so. What are we waiting for? Someone to tell us? Why? Can't we think for ourselves?

Surely we can all make the assumption that if we cover our mouths we are less likely to spread any germs of any kind. Face mask critics if you thing it's hard to breathe with a mask on wait until you're on a respirator in an ICU ward. Kinda thing that would be worse.

If we want to be part of reuniting our southern states with us then let's all look at what we can do to help make that happen.

Cover your face when you are out and about particularly in crowded places and especially on public transport. It's pretty damn easy really.  We don't need someone in politics to mandate this rule as essentially we can figure it out for ourselves. If we can contain this evil virus and curb it's spread then we may be in with a chance of being Australia again. 

First lets make some small changes for ourselves. Distance your self in public. Wear a face mask. Easy, really easy. 

And as for politicians, put your word weapons down and do what's right for all of us. Yes keep us safe but let common sense prevail.

And yes we want to have a united Australia and we are hopeful Santa will bring us our wish. 

We are in this together. So lets act like it.